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With over 40 years hands-on experience in the restaurant/Food Truck/Hotel industry, Dr. Food Cost is your source for real answers that lead to success

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Dr. Food Cost exists to provide guidance for the restauranteur in unprecedented ways so operators can survive and thrive in a very competitive and ever-changing landscape. We believe in straight talk that leads to measurable and actionable goals, and produce desired results.

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Reviews & Testimonials

Zach Gibbs
Farmboy American Fare
Chef Michael was great to work with. His years of industry knowledge and restaurant experience gives him a well-rounded skill set to help restaurants and caterers become more profitable. He was instrumental in streamlining our operations and menus, as well as helping our staff build better customer service skills. Thanks Chef!
Michael D. Riley, M.S.J.
Founder & CEO at Big Ideas Incorporated
Michael is an exceptional business manager. As an entrepreneur, he's devoted to building his business by hard work as well as exceptional mastery of the craft that drives his production. As an executive, he's open to counsel, honest to all, and fair to his employees as well as his customers and vendors. We need more folks like Michael to create and build businesses of their own.
Marcy Maslov
Experiential Learning| CEO/Inventor of e-Factor!® Business Ethics Game| Business Coach| Continuing Ed| Consultant
Chef Michael is an amazing Chef and entrepreneur. I work with him to mentor students at ASU's PREPPED program for food entrepreneurs. Chef Michael's insights and advice are extremely valuable in helping these entrepreneurs set up their businesses properly and learn how to manage both the back and front of the house. If you are thinking of starting a food service business or are already in business and want to get to the next level please consider consulting with Chef Michael.
Churro GoNUTZ
“Chef Brown has truly been essential to our business. As we expand our business and change seasonal menu items, we use Dr. Food Cost to ensure we are pricing everything correctly so that our prices are reflecting high profit margins but also reflects a fair price for our customers. Having an outside perspective is essential because he also gives advice on how we can lower our cost without taking away the quality or creativity of our product. Dr. Food Cost is an essential tool for our business and we highly recommend it!” "With Dr. Food Cost's years of experience in the restaurant industry, he has played an invaluable role in helping us in getting a firm grasp on our numbers and taught us how to manage cost changes into the future. He has always been available to answer questions and offer advice. He took a lot of the stress out of getting started!"
Charles Skaggs
Vice President at Western Retail Advisors
I first met Michael when I experienced the amazing food, he served out of the Jamburritos food truck. Michael is a man of integrity that has years of experience in the restaurant world. His talent is shown in the many avenues of business he pursues and I would recommend him as a chef and business partner!
Ginger Korljan
Career and Interview Coach ★ Confidence Builder ★ It's time to hear "You're Hired!"
Michael is such a giving and caring person who also happens to be a terrific chef! He has helpful and innovative ideas and helps people realize them in a practical way, not just sitting on the sidelines with advice. I believe that he would be an asset to anyone who is seeking to start and grow a business.

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