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“Food cost management is like the rudder on a ship, how well you manage it determines where the ship goes.”  – Chef Michael John

Ever wish you could work more on your business than in your business? You know you need technology to survive and thrive, but with all the noise out there, how do you get the right solutions for your unique operation and then how do you transition from the past to the future? Oh, yes, can I afford it?

Dr. Food Cost is your one stop shop for guidance, knowledge and solutions to all of the challenges you face in your food business. We believe in delivering what we promise—great business solutions, made simple. We not only bring you the best solutions to fit your growth needs, but we will walk you through implementation from beginning to end – solidifying your success.

Our staff is motivated by one thing and one thing only—providing your guests the best experience every time they visit your establishment. Making your restaurant guest focused is the key to keeping your doors open.

As you read this, you may be asking yourself why you made the food service business your life’s work, considering the long hours, minimal ROI, strain on the family and your health – just to name a few of the challenges. But the answer is always the same. “This is my passion and my calling—end of story.” My guess is, this isyour passion and your calling too – or you might have gotten out by now.

That being said, finding solutions to the challenges we face as restaurateurs is a necessity – which is the “Mother of all inventions,”- Author Unknown.

Make Extra Green Keep Food Cost Lean

Why should you trust Dr. Food Cost? Who are we?

Chef Michael J. Brown is the owner of Jamburritos Cajun Grille Express, an award-winning food truck in the Phoenix Metro area. He has coached over 50 food trucks and restaurant operators. He holds a degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management. Chef Michael has owned 3 highly sought-after restaurants in New Jersey, 2 Food Trucks, a personal chef service and a catering company.

As part of the leadership team at Hyatt Regency, Marriott, and Hilton International he implemented many solutions which increased guest satisfaction and sales by over 45%. His highly sought-afterrestaurantswere awarded “Best Cajun Restaurant (New Jersey Monthly Magazine), 3.5/4 Stars (Star Ledger), Very Good(New York Times), and many other notable mentions. Jamburritos Cajun Grille Express Food Truck was voted in the top 100 Food Trucks in the nation (2017) by MSN – achieving a ranking #27.

As a community minded business owner, chef Michael shared his talents to help raise money for local and national concerns like SOS (Share Our Strength), Meals on Wheels, Battered Women and more.

In a pivotal moment, when Covid-19 hit, chef Michael had a vision to help other restauranteurs survive and thrive this pandemic, and officially started hisrestaurant consulting firm. He named it Dr. Food Cost, because in over 40 years of serving this industry, he realized that this was one of the greatest pain points and opportunities in the food service industry. Sixty percent of his previous clients weren’t managing their food cost effectively.

“Food cost management is like the rudder on a ship, how well you manage it determines where the ship goes.” It can affect the entire operation, and ultimately the guest experience. It is the one system that – with a few adjustments – can have the biggest impact on the bottom lineover labor and fixed costs. Managed well, it can create a powerful profit center.

“We believe it is time to embrace technology,”says chef Michael.

Dr. Food Cost has formed strong technological partnerships with industry leading tech companies, covering every aspect of the food business – from front to the back of the house. Chef says,“Technology is only good when you use it effectively, and Dr. Food Cost is here to help.”

His passion and dedication to the food service industry is bar none, and his mission is to create opportunities for the food service industry to serve the public with distinction, whether a fast food or a fine dining operation. “The people we serve, deserve the best we have to offer,” says chef Michael. One of his personal sayings to his staff is, “when the curtains go up, it’s showtime baby.”

He also gained valuable experience working for FOOD-TRAK for five years, an inventory software company, and has tested over a dozen inventory programs.

He is currently a food business coach with ASU and Hustle Phx, supporting underserved community entrepreneurs, and has been in this position for over 3 years.

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