We specialize in mid-sized to multi-unit restaurants but have many free resources for smaller sized restaurants. We believe that if we encourage and support the up and coming restauranteurs, they too will be able to compete with the big boys and girls.
We are your local guy and gal who combined have over 60 years of hospitality experience, walking the same paths you have, building restaurants from scratch on shoestring budgets. Our experience in corporate world shaped our global enterprise strategies, and our desire is to inspire passion, and ingenuity to our clients. We are hands on, and not afraid to roll up our sleeves to help launch your dreams. We measure success, not by how smart we appear, but how deeply you get the principles we share with you.
One of the many mistakes we have made in running our restaurants was not seeking out competent and expert consultation when running our restaurants. This was partially because we were undercapitalized. It took much longer and a lot more work to reach various milestones. In today’s highly competitive market, delayed growth, can result in extinction. With the onset of virtual/Cloud/Ghost/Cloud kitchen concepts, Grocery store restaurants, meal plan services and the like, we can no longer afford to sustain mediocrity. Many business scholars believe in the concept of, “Failing Fast, Fail Often,” concept as a part of Agile methodologies. If your leadership team is willing to put in the hard work upfront to reap the benefits post implementation, you strengthen the organizations ability to realize: Increased profits, greater efficiencies, better time-management, a scalable operation, increased guest satisfaction, increased employee morale, and the freedom to have a life outside your restaurant.
Absolutely, our founders owned two food trucks for over 11 years and was one of the first gourmet food truck owners to help start the food truck revolution in the Phoenix metro area. Jamburritos Cajun Grille Express was awarded and National award by MSN – Top 100 Food Trucks in America with the distinction of #27 out of 100, 2017. We love to work with food trucks.
We recommend that for startups, the sooner we get involved the better. You can retain us, up to a year out, and we will help you from the inception, to the grand opening and beyond. Our clients are like family so we will continually stay connected with you, at each stage of your growth offering tools you will need for sustained success. Just as you visit your doctor periodically to maintain good health, Dr. Food Cost will be constantly looking for new ways to improve the health of your business.
In one word, PASSION! From day one, I (Chef Michael- founder) fell in love with the restaurant business, and considered it a calling, not just for my personal endeavors, but I feel an obligation to the people that pay the bills (guests), to keep the standards high, whether you serve fast food or haute cuisine, (I know, old school). I believe that every guest deserves to be treated like a guest in our homes, and through proper planning and the right approach to business, this is possible. COVID-19 was the impetus that inspired to launch Dr. Food Cost, as I realized the carnage it would leave behind in the industry I love.
Yes, we are willing to travel wherever our services are needed and will work until the job is done.
Yes, we have data entry personnel that are great, fast and accurate. Garbage in is garbage out!
Through frequent visits we access your operation, and design a strategy to implement your restaurants success journey. It is important that we design a plan that works at your pace based on your resources. A plan that doesn’t take into consideration the organization, is a plan that is sure to fail. We do SWOT analysis on your leadership team and staff, to determine the best execution of the plan. We work our plans from the urgent, to the less urgent, and initially focus on the plans that will yield the greatest ROI.
The process is simple, book a 30-minute consultation with our founder Chef Michael, during which he will learn about your challenges by asking questions and listening. At that point if you feel that you would like to work with us, we will schedule another appointment to gather ore information. You will then receive a proposal from us, for your perusal, and once the proposal is accepted, the work will begin.
Absolutely! Our founder is a motivational speaker and loves to introduce new concepts and instill organizational passion into staff. We believe that the staff are the frontline foot soldiers in your restaurants, and need a reason to be motivated to serve your guests. Often an outsider can accomplish this easier than management.

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